In Guerneville in Sonoma County more than 12 inches of rain have fallen in the last week flooding the Russian River.

The two break up when Sam, Patrick, Mary Elizabeth, and Charlie are playing truth or dare.

Patrick asks Charlie to kiss the prettiest girl in the room.

She has been in one celebrity relationship averaging approximately 14.3 years.

TV host Mario Lopez was busy assessing damage to his multi-million dollar mansion after the backyard collapsed onto the street below.

Mary Elizabeth is very into social issues such as the Native Americans, objectification, and bourgeois.

She cannot wait to start college and tells Charlie that she wants to explore lesbian relationships (page 144).Some homes were lashed with up to three feet of water.But the record rainstorms hitting northern and central California also provided relief to the region after six years of drought.Heavy rains moved to the south of the state causing flood advisories to go into effect for the greater Los Angeles area on Thursday.More heavy rain is forecast for the middle to end of next week.Lopez is just one of hundreds of residents to be affected by the bad weather.