The fireplace mirror piece is marked with an attached metal tag addressed to "queen street England.". Mine has a stamp in the drawer made from Dixie Comp.

She has had many original and old antiques that have sold for many $s. And the lady I bought mine from was born in 1954 and she said her mom had gotten it before she was born.. I'm actually antique it and sell for 600.00 I was given a chester drawers and vanity that belonged to my grandparents. Attached is a picture if the chester drawers and one if the drawers.

I am trying to find out the story behind this piece. On the back if both the dresser and vanity is the number 1193.

Just wondering if someone could help determine the age.

As a rule, horizontal dressers are more accessible than vertical dressers, providing a useable surface height.

They also tend to feel more contemporary than vertical dressers, which frequently hark back to more traditional styles like Federal and Chippendale.

A vanity, on the other hand, is a type of dresser with a mirror and a matching chair that allows people to apply their cosmetics or dress themselves in front of the mirror.

Today, antique dressers and vanities are popular not only among collectors, but among homeowners as well, as they can add character to a home.

A French 17th Century Louis XIV period Oak low dresser dating from c 1680.

The planked top with moulded edge above a central panel with geometric mouldings flanked by similarly decorated doors containing a single shelf,paneled sides, the whole supported on stile feet.

Is your vintage dresser taking the place of an entire closet, or is it simply being used as a cozy nesting spot for sweaters?