Now on some computers I get the message " Failed to Read More Can someone please help me understand these lecture notes...

updating rubygems error-2

When I try to view the appl Read More Hi there, I wrote a OLE-automation-server DLL in VB4.0.

I use Installshield Express to install it as part of my program on the target computers.

Read More Let's say my source file is /A/B/C/D/file1, and mytarget directory is /E/F/G, I want the result should look like this.

(Gem:: File Permission Error) You don't have write permissions for the /Library/Ruby/Gems/2.0.0 directory.

Instead, I'll strongly suggest you look into using either rbenv or RVM to manage a separate Ruby, installed into a sandbox in your home directory, that you can modify/fold/spindle/change without worrying about messing up the system Ruby.

Between the two, I use rbenv, though I used RVM a lot in the past.The symlinks and paths were pointing to different places.A simple uninstall of homebrew and manual update of the system versions of rails and ruby fixed the issue.Example: I have a Table with a column "name", now I want to have all entries ordered by name, but I want the entries Read More I followed the partition magic 8.0 wizard to partition my hard disk while rebooting   I came across this problem  "error 1523 while executing batch" What can I do to solve this prob Read More Hi, when I use 'net use\c$ password /user:username' at the command prompt, it works fine.  But if i try to use it in sql with " exec master..xp_cmdshell 'net use Read More i have a hp ux11 server.and i edited the /etc/to use my win2003 server dns server.