My Spots gives an advantage to Megafriends users by combining two trends in online dating and friendships."We believe that with the growing trend towards more niche type dating/friendship sites, we can offer the best of both worlds.

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From the affiliate perspective, Megafriends is easy to use and, best of all, pays recurring commissions.

That means that as long as someone's a paying member of Megafriends, someone's paying you. Ease of Use: Megafriends offers a streamlined approach while not skimping on affiliate options.

Reputation/Security: Founded in 2000, Megafriends currently has about 600,000 members.

The founders, Joe and Marg, started it as a way to make friends, not lovers, and it has retained a certain casual and personal touch, as opposed to a giant site like

Because they're smaller than the big dating sites, they rely heavily on their affiliates and treat us well.

Despite its down home feel, Megafriends is quite meticulous with its business practices, such as their anti-spam policy.A lot of dating sites only pay commission on the initial customer sign-up order.But with Megafriends, you have the potential to gain residual income. to get sign in safely for your Megafriends page management, sign up my account page and controlling your profile on while using the services.Don’t ever use the services of your browser to remember Megafriends account password, this can result in to unauthorized access by people who uses same device; and then they can see your Megafriends account activity which may be private for you.They don't treat you like a number, but we wish they would give us a number, because sometimes we like to use phones.