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to raise a child to the age of 21, with the bulk of costs going on childcare and education.

Merchant reviews with ratings of one or two stars are considered unsatisfactory.

This is the average amount of time it takes from you submitting your order with a merchant to the cashback amount appearing as “pending” in your earnings within your top cashback Account.

All expecting mums should take Vitamin D supplements throughout pregnancy and if breastfeeding, according to the Department of Health.

Taken daily throughout pregnancy – and for three months afterwards, if breastfeeding – you will consume 364 Vitamin D tablets, costing £8.76*.3.

If you’re going to break out the paintbrushes, we’d suggest using an online paint calculator to find out just how many tins you’re going to need.

For an average-sized bedroom – averaging £1,124 – though we’re sure bargain-savvy parents can spend much less.5.

Two common ones are: The Department of Health advises mums-to-be to take 400 micrograms of folic acid each day while trying to conceive, and for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.