This tour gives you a sampling of all that Japan has to offer, from unique locales to "must see" tourist attractions in Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Matsumoto, Takayama, Kanazawa, Kyoto and Nara.

You will also be able to see a variety of winter scenes and attractions that cannot be experienced during other seasons.

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dives into the trouble a bad blood type match can bring; the girlfriend of the movie couple, who has type A blood, has to cope with the selfish side of her type B boyfriend, which leads to an emotional roller coaster.

Here are the most widely believed blood-based stereotypes: people with type A blood, “The Farmers,” are earnest and sensitive, but also stubborn and intense.

Using blood types beyond medical intent–such as a marker for personality traits–has become an increasingly popular pastime in recent years, though the idea has been knocking around Japan since the late 1920s Depending on your cultural background, thinking of blood types in this way might not be so obvious, but there’s a large audience in East Asia that believes in its merits, most notably in Japan and Korea, and the United States is beginning to catch on, too.

A, B, O, or AB (positive or negative), and indicate whether one person can tolerate the blood transfusion of another.

Winter in Japan is not severe, especially on the Pacific coast where the climate is generally dry and the skies are often blue.

This is "The Golden Triangle of Japan Tour Winter: Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival & Snow Monkeys", an itinerary especially revised for your winter visit.

Blood type personality theory takes these categories to a new, obsessively detailed psychologist Furukawa Takeji, who noticed differences in personality among groups of students while working in the administrative department of a women’s high school.

He subsequently proposed a relationship between personality and the A, B, O and AB blood types, though scientists were skeptical in Japan at the time, and remain so today, with most seeing no basis for a correlation between blood type and personality.

All this categorization has also led to a slew of blood-type specific products and lifestyles.