But the targets of post-election hate incidents report that they are experiencing something quite new.“I have experienced discrimination in my life, but never in such a public and unashamed manner,” an Asian-American woman reported after a man told her to “go home” as she left an Oakland train station.

i confronted youths that were intimidating-24

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An Invercargill business owner is dealing with broken doors, verbal abuse and litter from young people in south city, and some customers won't come near her store.

She had operated the business in the mall for four years and had never experienced the same behaviour.

A young man had once told her to "stuff off" when she confronted him about the mess outside the store.

Rather than feign ignorance, he must acknowledge that his own words have opened “wounds of division” in our country. ” and disavowing the radical right, he must speak out forcefully and repeatedly against all forms of bigotry and reach out to the communities his words have injured.

And rather than merely saying that he “wants to bring the country together,” his actions must consistently demonstrate he is doing everything in his power to do so.The next day there were holes punched into the fire exit in "anger and frustration", Lindquist said."I've had them come up to me and try to intimidate me in the face."Customers felt scared and she had witnessed another store owner being bullied by young people, Lindquist said."The kids all laughed at me and she just looked at me and grinned.It really did hurt me and it gave me a headache."Ten days before the incident an elderly woman passing through the store lost three teeth after she was knocked by youth playing, Lindquist said.Most of the young people travelled on skateboards and bikes.