This is the most important year for brain development. Massage stimulates growth in preterm infants: A replication.

Babies evolve from helpless creatures who cannot lift their heads to little people who learn to navigate themselves in space, speak words to communicate their needs and show their emotions clearly.

HUMAN BRAIN DEVELOPMENT Brain development is a process that is enormously complex.

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And while we might not realize it, we can also use the power of touch to influence intelligence.

We have the ability to influence the brainpower of children who are under five years of age through the power of touch.

We use it to assess and correct the problems that clients ask us to fix.

Through touch, we are able to help heal people who are in pain and reassure them that we understand.

Many states have begun to focus regulatory attention on the issue of the equitable return of rental security deposits.

It has always been our experience that many landlords have come to view residents’ security deposits as an additional revenue … Continue reading According to a recent survey by Pew Research “Americans now believe that having a secure job is by far the most important requirement for being in the middle class, easily trumping homeownership.” Only 45% of those surveyed put homeownership …

We are glad to have had the chance to create their portraits and recce countless locations and found so many personal props for our clients, to go into their images that will forever remain a memory that their children can cherish.

We have gone on to do work for some large corporations and have also gone international, learning and improving ourselves with workshops and seminars.

We are still the same all ladies team specializing in Maternity, Newborn, Family and Children Photography in Singapore.