Spolu s manželkou Danou byli odsouzeni za vraždy osmi lidí. Nad oběma ženami se ale kromě oprátky vznášel také otazník.

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Shanan Custer capably directs and co-stars as Trudy, a flight attendant whose crush on a mild-mannered passenger (Nate Morse) is complicated by the fact that a neighboring passenger (Lizzie Gardner) has just been dumped and is looking for a quick rebound. Will Madeline learn to "be the underwire," as she's advised, and be supportive yet firm?

It's all on the next episode of To get to his blissful experience with Showtime After Hours, though, Lawrence had to wade through a minefield that included bullying at school, repression at church (a highlight of the story is a spontaneous battle against "the devil lust" in a glass Indianapolis elevator), and a troubled family member who kept asking young Brad, with increasing specificity, whether he was "gettin' any." It's an engrossing story about (in this order) faith, family, and pop culture — but buckle up, because Lawrence, a Moth veteran, talks like a podcast set to 1.5x speed.

Fikáčková byla odsouzena pouze za dvě vraždy (o dalším se jen mluvilo) a Hepnarová zabila všechny oběti najednou, když do nich vjela náklaďákem.

Jaroslav Stodola všechny vraždy dopředu naplánoval a provedl s velkou brutalitou.

Uvažoval o trestu v hranici 15 až 25 let,“ řekl u soudu Stodolův advokát.

Okolnosti budí dojem, že se manželé mohli dohodnout, že Stodola vezme všechno na sebe a trest nebude tak přísný.

The aim of this study was to examine associations between EALs and network properties of core brain regions in the emotion regulation and salience networks, and to test the influence of sex on these associations.

Resting-state functional and diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging were obtained in healthy individuals (61 men, 63 women).

First, will the pre-recorded welcome messages continue to refer to wristbands as "all-day, all-play" pieces of "festival bling" and tell audiences to wake their phones "the heck up" after the show?