Kenya has two official languages - English and Swahili but you'll notice that English will be spoken in most of the bigger urban areas but in rural areas the local dialect (69 in total) will be dominant.

The use of English in Kenya is widespread enough to prevent any potential language barriers for visitors to the country.

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That breakdown is important if you are in contact with a Kenyan woman, because the girls from Nairobi are going to be much more sophisticated about the world than girls from smaller towns and villages.

Being a European colony for several hundred years and also being a largely Christian country means that they only cultural difference that should be noticeable are in the more rural areas, you can still see the British and foreign influences in all the big cities in Kenya.

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Kenyan women are the real workers in the family and traditionally work far harder than Kenyan men; and this is a nation of people who have a reputation for being hard workers.

You'll also find that most Kenyan girls are modern and wear Westernized clothing but are quite conservative in their dress sense and how they approach men.

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Comparison charts will also help to make your decision easier.

In some respects, this one small country essentially encompasses all Africa.

To volunteer in Kenya is to transport oneself to a distinctly different world..where the beauties of nature sit alongside the multiple disadvantages suffered by poor tribes-people, the sick and the orphaned.

Parts of Kenya have been swept by evangelical Christianity in the last twenty years.