In article the author presented the characteristic of speed dating as forms of the premarital relations, staticized by the developed social conditions of modern society.

During the premarital relations detailed social portraits of young people, features of parental families which personal features of the person, his social environment, customs and traditions of a family, and even social and economic conditions of activity of society in turn influence are put.

However if one of you pushes ‘no’ then no contact information will be shared and you will not have to speak with that person again.

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URL: * * SPEED DATING AS FORM OF THE PREMARITAL RELATIONS BELINSKAYA DINA VIKTOROVNA Tambov State University named after G. Derzhavin, Tambov, the Russian Federation, e-mail: [email protected] changing living conditions in the modern world do not only affection actually human relationship, but also specifics of the premarital and marriage relations.

Title: Speed Dating in Leeds Description: Try Leeds speed dating.

There is a high popularity of Internet acquaintances and so-called online speed dating as even more often people spend a free time on the Internet.

Usually on speed dating to a party each participant will have 10-15 meetings in private with representatives of an opposite sex.

Novye yavleniya v tsennostnykh orientatsiyakh ural'skogo studenchestva / L.

Semejnye tsennosti kholostoj molodezhi (na primere issledovaniya kholostoj molodezhi Penzenskoj oblasti) // Vestnik Tambovskogo universiteta. Sotsiologicheskij portret studenta-derzhavintsa // Molodezh' i sotsium. Besides, in article the author provided data of the sociological analysis of Internet communities of speed dating, including social networks. Thus the role of traditional types of acquaintances decreases.We launched our Glasgow speed dating events way back in November 2004 and since then have run many successful evenings.When you come Speed Dating in Glasgow, you will definitely have an enjoyable night out, and will hopefully find someone very open to those 18 and over, male or female, gay, straight, or bisexual. We want to know what you think of speed Dating, even more what you think of speed Dating online!