There are a few reasons that your account get locked from We Chat.

This problem may occur in Android, i OS, Windows Phone, Symbian and Blackberry devices.

After installation of the software, you need to open a Wechat Account.

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Here your girls will share their "selfies", the sauna manager will share, who is actual available, they will upload pictures of new girls and so on.

You can check updates from all your contacts, but you also can directly select a individual contact and see all his/her status uploads.

This is a very quick post to a common question I get from my friends.

If you are an international user and likely to be using We Chat in foreign languages (other than Chinese), you may realise that you do not have the Wallet option in your We Chat readily made available to you.

Your new Wechat account will be connected with this number Without a valid mobile number, there is no way to open an account, because you need to verify your account by a code that will be sended to your mobile phone number!

It will work with all international numbers, not only chinese phone numbers.

Many chinese prefer to use voice messages, because you also can leave them while you are walking and so on.

For that just press the volume sign (left of the text insert window), than hold the button as long as you talk.

Every status "Moment" of you friends you can also like or comment.