aximize the use of state-owned real estate assets through public-private partnerships, close cooperation with cities and towns, and re-purposing land adjacent to state facilities still in use.Find information on some of The Commonwealth, the largest landowner in Massachusetts, has launched a business opportunity initiative called “Open for Business”.

Through the years, CDAA has received state and federal grants to fund special projects.

Current projects include: Cal TSRP: Provides specialized DUI and...

Show your jury exactly what happened to the victim.

All models are available at no cost to your office.

CDAA’s New Anatomical Model Lending Library Do you have a case involving strangulation, shaken baby, domestic violence, or physical abuse?

These are just a few examples of crimes for which demonstrations using anatomical models at trial could be beneficial.

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The California District Attorneys Association hosts many live training events and webinars each year on a variety of prosecution-related topics.

Our specialized MCLE-accredited seminars, many financed in part by state and federal grant funds, offer general and specialized California State Bar MCLE-accredited seminars to prosecutors and law enforcement personnel.