There is no membership to join and no dues; only a small admission, so just stop in when you like.

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One should also visit some of the beautiful waterfalls in the area.

The western Kona Coast is widely known for its elegant resorts, rocky shore and agreeable dry climate.

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8 am to 3 pm The legendary Kona Coast is famous for its fine weather and inviting beaches.

The Hawaiian people tend to personify this area and speak of it as being "lean and voluptuous." Its being sunny and dry is described as "Kona sunning herself." A district of the Big Island, Kona encompasses the western coast and lies at the foot of towering Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea.

Resting between these two towering craters is central Maui, named after the island's legendary creator.

Cradled on its western shore at the foot of Puu Kukui is picturesque Lahaina, now designated a national historic landmark.

Formally founded in 1781, it is now one of the world's largest metropolitan centers.

Although there will not be any shore excursions offered in Los Angeles due to our limited time in port, you may contact our onboard Shore Excursion staff for helpful hints or suggestions on things to do while you are ashore.

Maybe it is because our friends want a classy casual atmosphere to bring their friends and meet new ones, like the Radisson or Hilton in Newport Beach.