Online dating websites make a great utilization of an essential methodology of finding someone or meeting someone for friendship and dating online.

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In registration, they simply create their profile which can be seen by the other person.

This online registration is only for the ones who are looking for their soul mates, their friends or you can say their love.

Taking your love life online can help you to achieve that elusive ‘work-life balance’, without intruding on your day to day.

One of the biggest advantages of being online is that you have the space to be discerning.

You would never go to an important meeting unprepared, or pitch to a potential client without reading up on them first, so incorporate the attitude that makes you successful at work into your love life.

Set aside the time to complete our personality quiz, and put together a profile that is an honest, true and engaging picture of you.

That way we can introduce you to like-minded singles you have a better chance of clicking with on those all important first dates.

In 2005 Lyubomirsky, King and Diener presented a study which suggested that personal happiness is a key cause of successful lives, with “greater returns on investment” achieved by happy CEOs.

This keeps the fun mood and shows that you are not to put on a high pedestal.