Go to kindergarten.”The deep rootedness and stoicism celebrated by our marketable cultural myths (like "Prairie Home Companion" or "Fargo") has a flip side that can leave newcomers, transplants and migrants out in the cold.

But perhaps through conscious effort, and a few new social projects in the Twin Cities, long-tenured Twin Cities dwellers might be embracing the responsibility of welcoming.

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This process establishes the last name of the child.

According to Minnesota Statutes, section 257.75, if the mother is married but not to the birth father, the husband may complete a Husband's Non-Paternity Statement and the birth father and mother may complete a Recognition of Parentage.

If you meet enough new people in the Twin Cities, eventually the conversation always comes up: Minnesotans are not welcoming to newcomers.

Thus the famous saying, “Minnesotans will give you directions to everywhere but their house.” Or (more amusing), “You want to make friends in Minnesota?

Top of Page Minnesota Statutes, section 144.215, subdivision 1, require that a birth record be filed with the state registrar for each live birth within five days after the birth.

According to Minnesota Rules, part 4601.0900, if a birth record is filed more than one year after the birth, the hospital administrator or the administrator's designee must submit a completed documentation of birth form and a notarized statement substantiating the fact of birth and documenting the reason for the delay in filing the birth record.

The fee is payable at the time of application and is nonrefundable.

No fee shall be charged for a correction requested before issuance and within one year of the birth.

According to Minnesota Statutes, section 144.227, a person who intentionally makes a false statement in a fetal death report is guilty of a misdemeanor.