The parents chose not to be interviewed to protect their daughter, who moved schools shortly after the incident.In response to their request to inform the school community of what had happened, the then-principal, Matthew Davies, put out a list of tips for keeping pupils safe on school property in the August newsletter, without mentioning the attack.You can go and pick one of the numbers, save it in your contact. I’ve been seeing this around me since I was in school.

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The mother of a current pupil, who also asked to remain anonymous, said she recalled that parents were sent letters following the attack, simply informing them there had been an intruder at the school.

"We were told not to drop off the kids too early and to pick them up on time as a precaution, and that was about it," she said.

Increasing incidents of sexual misconduct "The dynamics of education are becoming very difficult," said John Buswell, head of sexual education group, Rape Wise.

"We are seeing more cases of sexual assault happening at schools, where children are sexually assaulting others, and teachers are assaulting kids." "The impression here is, I think [Hyde Park High School] have almost passed the buck on to the Department of Education, where they should've acted immediately and taken steps against the perpetrator here," he said.

"I wasn't informed that there was a rape at the school." Coming forward A second incident of sexual misconduct occurred in April, when three school boys were reportedly molested by an assistant sports coach on a bus trip back from a match.

One of the boys told his parents the coach had rubbed and thrust up against him and two others several times, in an extremely sexual way, pushing him to the back of the vehicle before the teenager kicked him.

That’s a free channel they can exploit as much as they want, any time they want. Now one day, you get some random calls from unknown numbers, so you feel the need of knowing who all are behind the random calls. The moment you do that, Truecaller takes my number and my name from your contact list and possibly more of my details available to you, and put them online for the whole world to use. So the next day, when I get calls from a random guy knowing who I am, I’m left wondering what just happened.

How many of them are you going to block before you lose your nerve? Just because a number is on my contact list, does it sync their profile picture without the owner’s consent? While all these happened, Truecaller never felt the need of letting me know that my number, with my name, is being put up on their database for public to see and use. I’ve had few debates with people before on Truecaller and their breach of privacy.

Video: e NCA CEO of Rape Wise South Africa, John Buswell, talks about the increase in school-related sexual assault cases being reported to his organisation; and gives parents tips on what to do if their children are involved in sexual misconduct.