Me and the boys find it hilarious as it’s obvious to us who is on a first date as we spot these little mistakes.Combined together they make a huge mistake which can be deadly.It’s intense, you’re invading her space and it means you’re always switched on.

There are a lot of dating tips for Indians out there over the net and in the manosphere.

These are normally dating tips that can be applied to every man in any situation.

Body language A lot of the time when you see guys on first dates, their body language is absolutely awful. This means that their attention is always fixated on the girl, regardless of whether she’s sitting opposite or side by side.

You’ve got to be able to switch off and on, this is what creates and maintains attraction between you and your date.

Your conversational skills also need to be above and beyond.

Most men act logically on dates which will get you nowhere but into the friendzone.As I said the manosphere has plenty on dating advice but here’s some top up dating tips that Indian guys really need to ensure they keep on top of.Hygiene, grooming and dress sense This is an important aspect for a culture that is derided for it’s smell of curry and hairy men.The key is to think logically but speak intelligently to tap into her emotions.Logical discussions are best between friends and men, girls don’t think logically, they lead with their emotions, this is seduction not a debate.Vocal tone and conversation As we all know, many men get nervous in any interactions with women and they blather on quickly with high pitched voices.