""Why actually Kagome I did.""Miroku you better get your hand off my sister's ass before I cut it off." Miroku quickly removed his hand and turned to Sango."Sango my dear you look lovely.

Jakotsu was a writer for Irresistible, Kagome sang at clubs at night, Sango and Kagome worked as secretaries at Tashio Inc., a Fashion company and they wrote the number one selling fashion Magazine, Irresistible, the magazine Jakotsu worked for. Every fashion industry wanted to merge with them and every woman wanted to marry the owners sons, Sesshomaru and Inu Yasha Tashio.

Sesshomaru was Japan's number one bachelor and Inu Yasha dating Kagome. Tabloids had been paying anyone they could to get them gossip and pictures of the Tashio family.

Some of them had gotten pictures of Inu Yasha with several other woman and had started to drag Kagome into this since everyone knew she worked for and dated one of the hottest men in Japan.

"Sango I'm not coming out and you can't make me." Kagome yelled back."Kagome you will get your scrawny little behind out here in 30 minutes or I will come in after you." '3... 1...' Sango heard the shower start as Kagome rushed around."Hey Sango, you and Kagome ready yet? He was wearing tight black leather pants, a black tank, he had a blue streak under each eye, red lip stick, black eyeliner.

Moon Light Lounge was owned by their best friend and Koga's girl, Ayame.

Her father had owned the club but when he passed away she was left his money and all his possessions.

They came back with two sex on the beach, a Bacardi and cola, two things of vodka.

Once Kagome had sat and talk for a while her name was called and she headed towards the stage.

Her brown hair with maroon stripes was up in a high pony tail, she had in pearl teardrop earrings, a pearl necklace with matching bracelet.