I am recommending them because they are helpful to me and I know they work.If you have any questions about any of these, shoot me an email.I use them because they work, and I’m confident you’ll agree.

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are great places to buy a professional photo shoot at a really good price. (Before you buy the deal though, be sure to check what’s actually included.

You don’t want to buy one if it only offers 1 photo.) Want a professional photo shoot?

Get your hair done, make up professionally applied and get out in the world of dating again!

In this headshot the girl is wearing a red shirt while siting in a doorway looking off to the distance. This was taken on an overcast day so the light was just perfect on her face.

The next obvious question is 'How do you write a good personal ad?

' The sites listed here focus on how to make your online dating personal ad better.With the next person only a click away, why not make the best first impression possible?Look Better Online.com"Look Better Online lets you order a photo shoot with a top photographer in your area and get great photos for your online dating profile within 48 hours.I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can always come to for all of your dating & self improvement needs.• My Most Recommended • My PRO services • Dating websites I recommend • Improving your online dating photos • Phone & Texting Skills • Developing a Social Life • Getting Ripped I have personally used all the resources listed here and have had a great experience with each.Check out Dating Head Shots but make sure you tell them the different looks you want. Here are a few shots to be sure to get: Shallow Depth of Field, Not looking into the camera, doing something unusual/funny and remember to change cloths so the shots don’t look like they came from the same event. They always offer deals on weird & cool life experiences.