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Reagan Louie gazed at his photograph of Ice, a Macau prostitute lying on a round bed with baby blue satin sheets, cupping her surgically enhanced breasts. But look closer, said Louie, whose big color photographs of Asian sex workers have been stirring things up at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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It tells the story of an under-age girl whose older Asian boyfriend lures her into parties where drug and alcohol abuse are rife before selling her for sex with older men.

The screenings brought great acclaim for the drama which was hoped would make a real difference to the then almost unpublicised issue of Asian sex gangs.Sheila Taylor, chief executive of Safe & Sound Derby, told The Times newspaper that 'the bureaucracy and technical problems associated with this project have been deeply frustrating for all involved.'The UKHTC has denied the delay was due to fears about racial sensitivities.In the film, set in an unnamed northern town, 14-year-old Jade regularly bunks off school and is charmed by Raz, 27."A brilliant and simple insight into the world of sex workers in Asia," wrote another."I couldn't look too much, yet I couldn't look away," wrote someone else, who found the images beautiful and disturbing.He separates her from friends, giving her a mobile phone as she enjoys the parties and fast cars that he is involved with.