But the strategic paradigm is now facing a challenge from a new generation of evolutionary theorists who have put forth a new story about our species’ past, and new predictions about how we might have sex in the future.’ve never had a beard.

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We think of falling in love as a young person’s game.

But delayed marriage, high divorce rates, serial cohabitation and single parenthood are putting many seeking a mate at midlife and beyond. Whether you are in your third or fourth quarter, you win if you play your best,” says Atlanta psychotherapist Janet Page, Ph. If you’re grown, sexy and back on the market, you realize the game has changed.

It is easy to caricature, and many of its followers seem intent on doing the job themselves.

In the past couple of years, evolutionary psychologists have been able to grab reporters’ attention by suggesting, for instance, that men with smaller testicles make better fathers, that men with attractive partners perform oral sex more often because they’re checking for competitors’ sperm, and that women have orgasms in order to attract mates willing to commit to raising offspring.

You’re not hitting the clubs, but for the first time in ages, you might be hitting the drugstore for condoms. Those desiring an African-American partner face a pool limited by issues such as unemployment and incarceration.

As we age, the number of eligible single men further decreases.

Neil Mc Arthur is a philosopher at the University of Manitoba in Canada.

He wrote David Hume’s Political Theory (2007) and directed Land of Oil and Water (2009). Literature tells us that our desires know no reason.

We are using adaptive techniques that humans developed over our species’ long history, in order to maximise their genes’ chances for survival.

In the four decades since it was first developed, this strategic theory of desire has become a dominant paradigm in psychology, and a familiar feature of media discussions of sexual behaviour.

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