Additional evidence is very important when assessing the robustness of factor premiums.For example, Dimson, Nagel, and Quigley (2003) have tested the value premium for the UK market over the period 1955-2001.The author's literary cruise, dating back three years before the launching of "The Pilot" in 1823, was a long one.

The playing field is already tilted in their favor enormously and this tilts it even more.” At the time of the infection, the Cockrell Hill Police Department did not have a working backup.

Let’s hope this incident helps motivate police departments and other types of organizations everywhere to invest in data backup technology and ransomware prevention strategies.

One of them was an old copy of the Times, dating back as far as the 13th December, 1858.

There have been "finds" in it dating back to the Bronze Age.

There are immense numbers of documents, some of them dating back to Norman and even earlier times, still in existence.

That of Denmark is the oldest European standard, dating back to 1219.

The wines are those delle cinque terre, and in some of the cellars you will find them dating back sixty years or more.

In the south chapel there are scribbles, dating back to 15.

It contains all stock data for all US stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange from 1926 onwards, followed by stocks listed on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) and the technology-dominated NASDAQ exchange.

This database is the longest and cleanest one can get at this moment.

The details and the scope of the plan are still being worked out, but district attorneys have at least agreed to get rid of warrants that date back at least 20 years ago and older, which comes out to about 200,000 warrants, according to court figures obtained by the The top prosecutors in the Bronx and Brooklyn, however, want to move that figure up to at least 10 years or older, which would account for about 800,000 warrants and include a chunk of the Bloomberg administration and beyond.