Unless a show looks so bad as to cause me cancer, I’m probably going to check it out and then be able to formulate an opinion that isn’t based on a 50 word blurb and some pretty art the webmaster managed to steal from the animators by distracting them with a jug of sake.

Play Now Barbie and her sisters are new superheroes in town so let's find the right outfit for them.

Dress up Barbie, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea in flashy superhero costumes. Play Now Princess Juliet loves her ponies and today you can help her take care of one of them. But after the pony runs away and disappears, help Juliet find it.

Macross FRONTIER Studio: Satelight Genre: Mecha, Action, Drama Information Links: ANN Entry Premiers April 3rd Summary: Pop idols teamed with mecha pilots in the 25th anniversary version of Macross.

Personal Outlook: The first episode already aired so you should already have a good idea whether you want to follow it or not. No need for me to pretend to be interested in mecha.

if I do…) I suggest making sure you hit up Totali, Omni, and Hinano for other raw coverage once early April comes around. Preseason Swing Rating: Is the scary yaoi gone yet?

Our collective tastes basically cover about 95% of the shows out there, and don’t tell the others, but I am so the prettiest of us four. I bet it’ll be only 30% as manlovetastic as this season of Geass though. Allison and Lillia Studio: Madhouse Genre: Adventure Information Links: ANN Entry, Animesuki Thread Premiers April 3rd Summary: In a world where two countries are at war, air forces have just recently begun to be deployed.Fulfill Baby Hazel's dream as the princess of a castle.Baby Hazel found a Mystery Princess Book, and fell asleep dreaming she is a princess.Choose the right colors of liana to cross the other side and save the pony.Play Now Buy fashion clothes in Hollywood as you prepare for parties and events. Pick a model and visit the stores that sell items with the appropriate dress code.. Play Now Setup and manage the shopping stands along the side of the road.Strategically place shops to make as much money as possible.