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Questions regarding diversity issues should be directed to Dr.

Ernest Brothers, the NIMBio S Associate Director for Diversity Enhancement ([email protected]).

of Idaho, Moscow Descriptive Flyer Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics Word Press Site Playlist of online videos. A live chat took place via Twitter with the hashtag #quant TT. As part of this goal, NIMBio S is committed to promoting diversity in all its activities.

Diversity is considered in all its aspects, social and scientific, including gender, ethnicity, scientific field, career stage, geography and type of home institution.

You can read more about our Diversity Plan on our NIMBio S Policies web page.

The NIMBio S building is fully handicapped accessible.

Participants learned to use R, an open-source statistical programming language, to build and test evolutionary models.

The intended participants for this tutorial were graduate students, postdocs, and junior faculty members in evolutionary biology.

There is a need for evolutionary biologists to understand this field because of the ability to collect large amounts of data by computer, the development of statistical methods for changes of traits on evolutionary trees and for changes in a single species through time, and the realization that quantitative characters will not soon be fully explained by genomics.

This tutorial aimed to fill this need by reviewing basic aspects of theory and illustrating how that theory can be tested with data, both from single species and with multiple-species phylogenies.

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