These standards align with already existing standards for the three primary sectors currently operating early childhood education programs in the District: public charter schools, District of Columbia Public Schools, and community-based organizations (primarily licensed center-based early care and education).The quality indicators in the CQI plan include: mission statement, attendance policies, family engagement, child progress monitoring and assessment, use of curriculum, culturally and linguistically responsive practice, inclusion practices, and professional development.In 2014, Guam’s completed a pilot of its QRIS by rating 11 of its 42 licensed center-based programs.

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There are four levels to Guam’s QRIS and its indicators of quality related to: scores on the ECERS and ITERS; education and training; and health and safety.

Guam’s professional development indicators build off of their Early Childhood Care & Education’s Plan for Professional Development which guides providers in planning to receive additional education and training to improve the quality of early care and education they provide.

It will have three levels (needs improvement, proficient, excellent) and participation will be mandatory for center-based, school-based, and Head Start programs.

Continued pilot-testing of the revised system will take place through early 2016 with the expectation of a full launch in September 2016.

Hawai`i completed a pilot in 2014 to test the feasibility of scaling their quality improvement initiatives up to the statewide level.

Following the reauthorization of the Child Care Development Block Grant in November 2014, they have chosen to focus on ensuring that they are meeting the health and safety, training, and monitoring requirements in that new law rather than on formal QRIS development.

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