The global financial situation is getting worse as seen by the Contingent Default Swaps (CDS) – remember those? While three-ways can be cheaper than other hedges, they leave drillers exposed to sharp declines. citizenship or long-term residency in 2015, according to data released by the Treasury Department.

The 2-Speed economy – Manufacturing related continues to suffer: February Empire Manufacturing -16.6 vs -9.9 consensus; January -19.4 Meanwhile…. China’s retail sales over the Spring Festival holiday rose 11.2 percent from the same vacation period a year earlier, with cinemas posting sharp increases in box-office sales, the country’s Ministry of Commerce said in a statement Saturday.

China is out with commentary that the RMB (YUAN) should not weaken from here. The ECB Council voted today to scrap the €500 note.

– Still, Fed officials are talking up more rate hikes for this year. Stock down 4% on the negative commentary from company ** ANNOUNCING THE FIRST (new and improved) DHUnplugged Closest to the Pin Contest ** Walt Disney (DIS) …

Listeners will be completing against John and Andrew Now Open for entries through March 2nd (Final Price Date: March 11) Some oddball Andrew stories: Saw a raccoon in front of my house last night – called wildlife control and they gave me a sure fire way to get ride of it. Woman driver had to take me to a boat ramp to pick up my car. Mayer clearly looking to get big payday before the ship goes down.

Listen in as we dive deep into the real news that matters most for investors. Oil at $30 a barrel is blowing a hole in the insurance that U. shale drillers bought to protect themselves against a crash.

The biggest concern right now may be that China devalues the Yuan after the Chinese New year Holiday. Companies including Marathon Oil Corp., Noble Energy Inc., Callon Petroleum Inc., Pioneer Natural Resources Co., Rex Energy Corp. used a strategy known as a three-way collar that doesn’t guarantee a minimum price if oil falls below a certain level, company records show.Oil continues to get hammered and now below per barrel – even with the rumors flying around that there will be a special/emergency meeting with OPEC/Non-OPEC countries in an effort to stabilize prices. There are lots of voices that are protesting that concept.Japan market crumble, bond yields are dropping and all eyes are on the Fed’s next move. There are some areas that are clearly in recession.And so it begins: The US Marshals Service in Houston is arresting people for not paying their outstanding federal CDS – Credit Defaults Swaps blowing out in Europe as negative deposit rates are having a terrible impact.Tech stocks blowing up as earnings and outlook are really concerning investors.(Will this help gold, metals and alternatives like Bitcoin?