Meeting so many people at once can also be good practice for those wanting to develop their skills at talking with new people.

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While the majority of ACCNYC’s rescues are dogs and cats, lately it has found itself with an abundance of rabbits, whether from owner surrenders, abandonment, or sad cases of animal hoarders.

There have been rabbits at the Manhattan branch for over a decade, but there are so many bunnies right now that, in June, ACCNYC opened a second rabbit center at the Brooklyn branch, in East New York.

Usually, each group is limited to less than 10 minutes of chatting before one member rotates to form a new group of two.

Speed dating participants are often allowed to discuss whatever they wish as long as certain rules are followed.

Typically, the participants cannot exchange contact information during the speed date.

Instead, they must make a note of the people they are interested in seeing again.Fairly common in both North America and Europe, speed dating can be a real time saver for singles looking to meet that special person.The method is designed to be organized and regulated and typically up to 100 singles participate in any given speed dating event.Harding and Venable chose the Bachelorettes together, favoring lady-bunnies that had the right temperament for partnership and had been in the shelter for awhile.There was Bloomie, a 1½-year-old Palomino, who also came on much too strong for the aloof Tuck.Thea Harting, the Rabbit Adoption Specialist, said, “Cookies was the underdog rabbit—she just shined.” Harting, a serious animal lover who has her own pet rabbit, fosters rabbits that have medical issues, runs See Spot Walk dog-walking, is a volunteer at the shelter, and she’s been leading Bunny Speed-Dating for several years.