If the widower you’re dating has one or more of the red flags below, don’t take it to mean that the relationship is doomed or that that issues can’t be resolved.

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Over the last few years I've received hundreds of emails from women dating widowers.

From them I’ve noticed some patterns of behavior that indicate the widower isn’t ready for a serious relationship and just using the woman to temporarily fill the void created by the death of his late wife.

One of the big adjustments widowers have to make when they become serious with another woman is realizing that you come with your own unique habits and ways of doing things.

Widowers who can’t remember that you’re a different person are a ticking time bomb.

Your only concern is whether or not the widower is embarrassed to tell others about you.

Widowers are naturally attracted to people that remind them of their recently departed wife.It’s better to know what to look for and bail out early then waste years of your life with a widower who’s not ready to make you the center of his universe.It’s not easy for a widower to let friends and family know there’s a new woman in his life – especially when many of them are still grieving over the late wife’s passing.The danger here is that he’ll want you to be the late wife and once he realizes you can’t be the woman he still loves, the relationship will come to a crashing end. We become accustomed to things being done a certain way.In relationships – especially those that have lasted many years – one becomes used to the spouse’s habits and ways of doing things.If the person you are dating prefers communication via such impersonal channels over face to face or phone conversations, it is a signal to you that they probably lack strong communication skills or are not very invested in the relationship. This can be especially problematic if you are making changes in your life to make room for the relationship, leaving room for resentment to build. If the relationship is a priority to you but not you partner, you will be best served to leave the relationship early before either of you get hurt. They are signs that the behavior will become worse as your relationship progresses. These are the biggest red flag signs that you should leave the relationship immediately. It is likely that you are stuck in a cycle of dating the same types of people. It is best to leave this relationship early to avoid any of the pains and hurt that you experienced in past similar relationships. Despite trying your best at a relationship if you are repeatedly feeling as if something is wrong but you can’t pinpoint the problem, it is likely your gut is picking up on a red flag in the relationship.