However, when Idris returned to Miami after filming, he became suspicious that the child was not his because he looked nothing like him, and took a paternity test. He was not Otenga’s father.‘To be given that and then have it taken away so harshly, was like taking a full-on punch in the face: pow.

But struggling to master an American accent, Idris failed to secure acting work and the dream began to unravel.

He had to DJ to pay the bills and the pair relocated to the cheaper Jersey City.

She was clearly smitten, gushing about him: ‘It’s really crazy to see how humble and down to earth this man is. He’s so in the zone.’ A few months later, she went on a chat show in America and claimed that in fact the two of them had been in an eight-month romance after meeting at a music awards ceremony in November 2013.

You don’t have to read too deeply into the lyrics of her hit single Maybe I Should Call to see what she was thinking: ‘Long distance in the way of what could be / even when you’re here, you’re not with me / she’s having the child I should’ve carried / I’ll be damned if y’all get married.’A few days later, the actor was seen emerging from a New York nightclub with Naomi Campbell and is now said to have moved out of the London home he shared with Naiyana, who is understood to be devastated by the end of their romance — although neither she nor agents for Idris would comment this week.

I know it’s going to take time for you to trust me again and for me to trust you, but I just want to get to a place of healing and move past this in a mature fashion. And PS, you didn’t have to block me on Instagram like I did you Best, K. took to Instagram to post an in studio picture that alluded to her not being fully over the actor.

I am not expecting a response via email, however, I would like to say these things to you on the phone.

He loves flirting with everyone in the room, whether it’s a gay waiter or the coat check girl.

He found a job at the Ford factory in Dagenham and the young family lived in a high-rise flat in Hackney before moving to a house in Canning Town when Idris — who shortened his name — was 11.

The email, which was sent to Fameolous reads: Hey Denzel, Guess what?!? And I don’t want to destroy you or the penis that was inside of me.

A week after the singer posted an online F-you to Idris Elba ---who she secretly dated a few years back--- and his child's mother; an email from the singer asking the celebrated British actor for closure has been leaked.

The following year, convinced that there were better parts for black actors in the U.