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So what's in store for the season finale with Bones Season 10 Episode 22? After having a surprising conversation at home, Booth and Brennan arrive to a crime scene to find some incredibly disgusting remains.

It also has to be getting time for Brennan to have the baby soon, right?

11-6 05 Nov 15 The Senator in the Street Sweeper 219. 11-8 19 Nov 15 High Treason in the Holiday Season 221.

11-5 29 Oct 15 The Resurrection in the Remains 218.

10-16 30 Apr 15 The Big Beef at the Royal Diner 207.

10-22 11 Jun 15 The Next in the Last Season 11 213.

6-8 02 Dec 10 The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck 115.

7-1 03 Nov 11 The Memories in the Shallow Grave 131.

It's hard to believe that Bones Season 10 is coming to a close.