After successfully resolving a situation involving a Troubled person she is invited to stay by Chief Wuornos, both for her ability to "see what's right in front of [her]" and her sympathetic method of dealing with those afflicted by The Troubles.

Audrey also seems immune to The Troubles, making her better adapted to helping those afflicted.

Audrey seems to have had more than one past life, for, beside the evidence that she is in fact Lucy Ripley, in Fear and Loathing there is another woman apparently from the past who looks like Audrey and Lucy.

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At the end of a cycle of Troubles Audrey entered a building that appeared as a barn and her memory would be erased.

However, Audrey/Lucy refused to enter the barn and tried to escape, though she was captured and brought to the barn, as explained by Jordan Mc Kee in Burned.

But even when the characters are casually lounging around their gorgeous apartments, they're fully dressed and done up. Everyone knows a Blair —and if you don't know one, you might be one.

After spending years/her entire life dreaming of rooting for the bulldogs at Yale, she would have done literally anything to matriculate at her dream university. Even if you didn't grow up on the Upper East Side, you're probably aware that giving your wife fake cancer in an effort to get back with her isn't exactly the norm.

Haven is also the name of the town where the protagonist goes and where she discovers numerous townfolk afflicted with supernatural problems.

Haven residents refer to these problems collectively as The Troubles.Not only does Lily forgive William for pretending she had a horrific disease, she marries the guy. Sharing a secret half-sibling with your boyfriend would make for awkward discussions at the dinner table.While Scott, the secret half-brother of Serena and Dan, wasn't exactly the most interesting character on the show.It would certainly make for an awkward Thanksgiving.Even Dorota as Gossip Girl would have been more believable.In the Season 1 finale, she concludes that she and Lucy are the same person, moments before a woman identifying herself as "Special Agent Audrey Parker" confronts her and Nathan.