You will meet many sexy women doctors and beautiful engineers, because the urban areas of Romania have an outstanding school system similar to what exists in Russia and the Ukraine.A Romanian girl from the city is usually familiar with Western ideas, entertainment, and news. In fact, Bucharest, the capital and largest city, has a vibrant nightlife.One of the few good things to happen during the communist period was that Romania developed one of the strongest women's sports programs in the world.

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They would say not talking about vampires and such things is simply sensible, because they are all myths.

But the truth is that most Romanian women know that it is better not to tempt the fates.

With the Russian's help Romania finally gained independence from the Turks in 1878, but it remained in a poor strategic position and suffered horribly in both world wars.

However, perhaps the darkest period of Romanian history occurred during the communist period from 1947 to 1989 when it was oppressed by one of the most efficient secret police forces in the world.

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So, there are lots of sexy Romanian gymnasts and other beautiful athletic Romanian women.