Today, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the third highest grossing film of the year and is considered by some to be Marvel Studios' best movie.

Not to be outdone, Guardians of the Galaxy is the top grossing film of 2014, and is considered to be the studio's best by pretty much everyone else.

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Decades from now, Hollywood historians will look back on the events of the past month as a benchmark of escalating disasters that stands to reverberate throughout the industry.

There was the unprecedented hacking of the studio, the rash of embarrassing and scandalous headlines based on stolen emails and documents from the studio's executives, the lawsuits sparked by stolen personal information from the studio's rank-and-file employees, and the wrong-footed treatment by the studio of the lowbrow comedy ostensibly at the center of the entire debacle, The Interview.

Otherwise, it will be another mix of comedies (Spy with Melissa Mc Carthy in May), thrillers (Kingsman: The Secret Service in February), YA adaptations (Paper Towns in June), animated features (The Peanuts Movie in November), and post-apocalyptic franchise films (Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials in September).

Now that Dream Works Animation's films are released through Fox, its three films this year — Mr.

And while pretty much every single other high-profile person involved with the film has come out looking worse for it — including Rogen's co-star James Franco, who has born the brunt of critical scorn for his over-the-top performance — Rogen has emerged as a presidentially anointed First Amendment hero.

Though he may think twice before making another film depicting the assassination of a sitting head of state. Rogen will co-star in Franco's next directorial effort, Zeroville, and he'll lend his voice to Dream Works Animation's B. O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations (both release dates are TBD). (A rep for the studio told Buzz Feed News it likely won't have final numbers until Friday, but it is looking like "a record year" for the studio.) Regardless of the record books, Fox's U. box office is up roughly 68% over 2013, jumping from sixth to first in domestic market share.

That measurement may fluctuate a bit as final numbers for the year trickle in.

But rather than some onetime aberration, 2014 represents the latest low mark in a downwardly mobile trajectory that the movie business has not yet figured out how to reverse — if indeed it can.

Conversely, the expectations for July's Ant-Man are at such a low boil that the Paul Rudd-Michael Douglas superhero heist movie is primed to surprise audiences much like Guardians of the Galaxy did this year.