Some switches are direct, while other involve a more complicated use of timing.

For example, there's a crocodile on my half of the screen.

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If your character remains in place for too long, a creature will swoop down and bother your bunny, causing time to deplete faster. Even with all the annoyances, there's still some fun to be had.

But sometimes the game simply requires you to stand still while waiting for your partner to catch up. It doesn't lie so much in the action of the game, but from the communication the game demands.

It's just fun to co-op, considering how few co-op games are out there.

To draw another parallel, the need for communication fits with the whole idea of a "dating game." I can't just go and do my thing without consciously watching what my partner is doing.

The bad news is that the Moon has mysteriously disappeared, and since everybody knows that you can't have a Moon festival without the moon, the two bunnies set out on a quest to find it.

It's definitely one crack-addled story, but the rest of the game's quirks keep things interesting and oddly edgy.

So if you have a lagging partner, time will quickly run out, forcing you to try again.

This ends up breaking the game down into a trial and error system that can become really repetitive.

Within a short period of time, it was obvious to each vet administering the dosage whether they were given the placebo or the actual Canine Health to administer.

First, it starts out simple, like sharing a double scoop on a summer day. Ready or not, you'll be sharing your living space, bank accounts, and crybaby kids. The Adventures of Cookie and Cream has been billed as the first-ever date game. You and your significant other get to share a single controller. You could even make it a m'nage " trois by letting multiple partners each man a button and watch the ensuing hijinx. The screen and the controller are split in half for each partner.

I have yet to find a real comfortable position while sharing a single controller [I can suggest a few books... Thankfully, there's still an option to use separate controllers.