Luckily, for most of us there is still more to sex than a downloadable dopamine fix.Touch, smell, taste- everything from the first tentative pecks through to post coital fanny farts are what elevate sex from a simple rush to the defining feature of love.

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How pleasurable any of this can actually be seems questionable, but sales and statistics suggest that for millions, cybersex offers a preferable alternative to the tried and tested skin against skin format and, as such, the number of regular users is rapidly increasing.

Sex addiction expert Robert Weiss puts it down to evolution.

But, according to Weiss, even this will soon be possible through the internet.

‘In ten years we’ll have body suits where I’ll move my hand and you’ll feel it, I’ll breath and you’ll feel warm air on your neck.’ What this means for sex seems clear, but what it would mean for love we’ll have to wait and see.

‘Cultural evolution is driven by technology, and sex is a part that’ he says.

‘Just as my generation’s parents worried we would be destroyed by disease and social instability bought on by the 60s sexual revolution, today we worry about technology.

For others it simply solves the problem of distance; couples separated by work can still get off with each other over the airwaves.

But, like most the good things in life, it can be a form of entertainment or a form of escape, and it is the latter that is the worry.

The Japanese, apparently, have been wondering this for years.

A government study, carried out in 2010 in response to Japan’s plummeting birth rate, revealed that the number of males between 16-19 who had no interest in or an outright aversion to real world sex had doubled since 2008, rising to an astonishing 36.1%. The most popular answers were that real sex is ‘a bother’ and ‘not as exciting’ as what can be found online.

As cybersex becomes more common, it is feared that users will become increasingly emotionally detached and disillusioned with the real world, while relying ever more on the internet for comfort.