The line in Greenwich in London, UK represents the world’s prime meridian – longitude zero degrees.

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This would lead to a difference of one day between the date on your clock and the real calendar date.

To avoid this, countries are on either side of the International Date Line which runs down the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The Earth’s crust moves very slightly on an ongoing basis so the prime meridian’s exact position is also moving very slightly.

However, the prime meridian’s original reference remains to be the Airy Transit Circle in the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, even if the exact location of the line may move to either side of the transit circle’s meridian.

The time difference between either side of the International Date Line is not always exactly 24 hours because of local time zone variations.

Interactive Time Zone Map If you travel around the world, changing standard time by one hour each time you enter a new time zone, then a complete circuit would mean that you adjusted your clock or watch time by 24 hours.

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