The official release notes lists the following functionality ads: Ambit 2.0 related features and improvements: – ANT support – Foot POD support – Interval timer – Suunto Apps support – Tighter speed fusion filter giving more stable running pace – Exercise summary to show the number of manual laps (in previous version the number of laps included manual, auto and pause laps combined) – Pausing no longer interferes with lap count in the Ambit – Improvement of log memory capacity when using GPS Ambit 2.0 related Movescount improvements & bug fixes: – Faster updating of satellite orbit data during Moveslink synchronization – Individual selection of all PODs in custom exercise modes in Movescount – Fixed minimum/maximum value bug in Movescount – Lap notes to differentiate autolaps and pause laps in Movescount – Ambit release notes available from GEAR page in Movescount – Sorting option added for POIs & routes in Movescount – Fixed a bug of Movescount not using avg cadence calculated by the Ambit Despite the laundry list of new functionality, I’m going to focus on two core areas in this post: 1) ANT support 2) Suunto Apps (and the ability to make your own) These are the areas which I think are most significant, as well as most requested and most relevant.

Everything else falls into the ‘nice to have’ category, but generally weren’t deal breakers.

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At a fundamental level, this is huge – and has the to be industry shifting.

No other traditional sports watch maker has allowed you to create and run your own apps on yours device.

So let’s go ahead and walk through how the platform works.

First up, you’ll login to the Movescount site and navigate to the Tools and then App Designer area: It’s here that you’ll start to create your app.

Now the Ambit works with any ANT device within the device classes I’ll talk about in a second.

Of course they’ll still pair with your older Suunto-only accessories as well.Combining that with the app functionality below, and you’ve instantly got an incredibly powerful and highly customizable power meter head unit.So much so that I suspect it would immediately start to pull away market share from products like the FR310XT, FR910XT, Cycle Ops Joule GPS, Magellan Switch and to a lesser extent the Timex Global Trainer (the TGT and Ambit price categories don’t really mesh too well). Tempe is Garmin’s new ANT external temperature pod that works with the Fenix.Seems like an easy and obvious win for Suunto to me.Perhaps the most intriguing addition to the watch is Suunto Apps, which enables you to create apps that you can run on your Suunto Ambit.The real question becomes when they’ll support the power meter sensor type.