“Pooductive” is a free app which lets you connect with individuals or groups of users to chat while you're using the loo.At the moment, there aren’t enough users for you to get far with the “local” option, which lets you set a radius, Tinder-style, and connect with people nearby, but the “Global” option gives you access to people around the world.

Toilet chatroom video

I would assume that it's not as low flow have really only been around a short time so unlikely I would obtain a used one.

Prior to moving here I had this issue as often as a normal person, maybe two three times a year if that, here, on average? (Go ahead make jokes~) Do I need to invest in a new toilet? Nothing in my life changed really, I still eat the same, go as often as I used to etc.

I have been having symptoms of nausea, coughing, sore throat, and headaches for about two weeks.

At the point when I got sick, I had received a blow job and topped a guy with a condom.

Is your tank filling to the proper level for a full flush?

Does it overflow, or does the waste just swirl around and not completely flush.

My little sister also got sick with similar symptoms. Anyway, I want to know if I should be worried that I caught something, specifically HIV, and if I could pass it on to family memebers by sharing drinks. Zack, I would recomend that you do some research about HIV/AIDS before you become sexual with others.

It's not a matter of taking a few pills if you get infected, it is a new lifestyle.

This is really, really, frustrating and I'd like to solve it mechanically rather than something I need to imbibe daily.

The only thing that really would have changed in my life is the water, that I drink and cook with, that flushes the toilet. i believe you said it was used-do you know how old it is?

I don't know exactly what HIV is, but I've heard it has flu-like symptoms.