Sometimes you don’t want to shave your legs,” she says.“Sometimes I won’t even have a shower.

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Before she started she was escorting, although that was “a lot more effort” and sometimes earned her less money.“Sometimes you can’t be bothered to meet people.We wait for the “ping” sound that means someone has entered Rebecca’s virtual “room” – and begun paying for her services.It goes and Rebecca jumps onto the bed, pulls off her T-shirt, sits up on her knees thrusting her boobs at the screen.“Hiya – how are you, darling? On the TV, a split screen appears, revealing her image on one side and the messages viewers type on the other.“I wanna be so filthy with you,” says a guy whose screen name is Wrighty99. ” asks Animal.“I’ve just been deciding what to wear for my show tonight,” purrs Rebecca, stroking her body.“Who will let me start their web-cam?They can do it anywhere: Lesley takes calls from men hiding in the work toilets, in their garages at home, or the car. “When I’m at home revising I can just get glammed up in the morning, then sit there in my onesie working.“If I get a text, I stop for five minutes, then carry on. Y., feeds a giraffe a carrot at Animal Adventure in Harpursville, N. Patch said this will be the fourth or fifth calf — expected to be 6 feet tall and 150 pounds — for April, 15, and the first for Oliver, 5, who was the park's first giraffe when he arrived in 2015."People are following from all over the world," Patch said.Rebecca has bought a second flat with her earnings as a webcam girl, which is where we meet.