Read on for 5 things that will make your smoked meats better.Photographer Gregory Sells is dancing in between Texas A&M and NASA.Read about our experience and why you should make a point to check out the remodel for your next vital movie watching session (we've heard good things about The city of Denton, as great as it may be, is a city full of challenges and obstacles to overcome.

Time for the season of Arts and Jazz, scary storms, gardening, and being annoyed at your neighbor mowing at 7am on a Saturday.

In the pros column, though, it is also time for those colorful springtime photos.

And by all means guys, if you are interested in a girl - go up and let her know.

The worst she can say is "get lost" and if that's the kind of person that she is, well, then you didn't want her anyhow!

Relatively private rooms with about 5 tables in them each.

Great home-style food that has been excellent every time I have been there.I have absolutely hated dating in Dallas (and people from other parts of Texas). " -Mark, Dallas "Unfortunately, girls and many guys in Dallas are stuck on labels - materialism is huge in Dallas.There are numerous good spots to take dates - Reunion Tower, Patrizios, Mi Piaci, parks - which I love.Singles - hmmmmm I guess the best place to meet single people is at bars and clubs.I don't usually go to those places, so I wouldn't really know. haha." -Amanda, Richardson "The Celebration Restaurant on Lovers Lane is an excellent place to take a date.You can click the images below to be led back to the photographer's Instagram page where you can follow them and ignore it when they "go live" on Instagram.