It’s a nice introduction.”Vincent Feletti, Outspoken Brewery, Spokesperson. We sell growlers, kegs and draft beer to local businesses but now we’ve just opened our doors to the public.We’re experiencing a bottle-neck now where we’re getting enough demand that we need to increase our capacity.

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While enforcement remains the core function of the Police Service, it is critical that we engage a broad spectrum of community partners and stakeholders in collaborative multi-faceted approaches in prevention and intervention as well.

Working together with our community gives us tremendous potential and allows us to accomplish so much more than working separately. Marie Police Service maintains a strong presence in the community through their involvement in local service clubs and social agencies.

The Service will continue to invest strongly in the concepts of community-based, intelligence-led, problem-oriented, and risk-focused models of policing.

Members of the Police Service are dedicated and committed to enhancing the quality of life in the City of Sault Ste.

Marie and Prince Township by working cooperatively to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear, and provide for a safe environment.

Creating and maintaining a community that is healthy, inclusive, cohesive, and resilient, where members can expect to live free of crime and violence and the fear of crime and violence, is something which benefits us all.

Marie Police Service which has a proud history dating back to 1871.

138 sworn police officers and 44 civilian members are responsible for delivering police services to the approximately 75,000 citizens of Sault Ste. The area served is approximately 238 square kilometres. Marie Police Service is a progressive organization which is committed to refining and adjusting our service delivery model to create a truly sustainable and effective approach to crime reduction and building a safer and healthier community.

We have a couple of CSA shares and we also have some plots with some community gardens.