You know Yen’s character is bad because in his first scene he wears a leather jacket and smokes a cigarette and then does a 90ft jump through a window into the NSA headquarters, duffs up a load of suits and steals a big remote control that can shut down satellites and crash them into earth.This is something the NSA doesn’t want to happen and so Xander Cage needs to not be retired.

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Jackson that culminates in the striker stopping a robbery by volleying a table napkin holder at a gunman’s head.

There are very few films where this scene can happen at all, let alone appear and not be the most ridiculous thing in the entire film.

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The plot may seem boringly straightforward but that barely matters, because the story is pretty much a thin piece of string that ties each silly stunt scene together. Caruso directs each set piece like an impressive Red Bull extreme sports promo – fitting, given that actual professional extreme sportspeople replace the actors for many of the sequences, most of which are almost entirely (and unbelievably) based on real-life stunts, and performed by real-life mad men and women.

There’s almost never a dull moment in the film - even an exposition-heavy scene featuring three people chatting at a table in a bar is helped along by them chucking a grenade at one another before the whole thing breaks down and Vin and his pals continue their little back-and-forth on the back of two motorcycles whilst riding on the sea. The cast is incredibly diverse and, coincidentally (or cynically depending on your opinion), manages to draw on talent from major worldwide cinema-going markets including the UK, India, China, Thailand and Australia.

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It’s been 15 years since we last saw Vin Diesel in x Xx as thrillseeker/secret agent/big-coat-wearer Xander Cage and, since then, the series has matured very little.

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