A comparison showed some similarities, but it is far from identical (e.g.

there is a wall poster, but it is a different one; there are stuffed animals but they aren't the same ones; etc).

Real life camera asia sex-36

"Any distribution, downloading, transference or publication of the image is illegal.

We have already passed the case to lawyers to follow up.

I am telling you about this story so that you can prepare yourself for tomorrow's newspaper coverage.

Will you see this as the front page story due to the insatiable, unrestrainable appetite for lurid sensationalism?

According to the Emperor Entertainment Group spokesman, that photograph had been manipulated and the person in the photograph was not Gillian Chung.

Therefore, they have filed a report with the police as well as asked their lawyer to seek legal redress.

The spokesperson also reminded people that it is illegal to publicly show pornographic photographs.

The spokesperson called on everybody to cease showing or forwarding the relevant photograph to avoid legal trouble.

This story has already gone through several stages.