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Updating marine corps ompf video

Louis, MO 63138 Or Fax to: 314-801-9195 According to the National Personnel Records Center 92% of separation record requests are processed within 10 days of receipt. The e Vet Recs website has instructions for emergency requests needing faster processing.

As its revenge porn scandal continues to unfurl, the Marine Corps took steps this week to bolster its standards for online behavior.

Still, critics doubt the USMC’s commitment to investigating and prosecuting those in violation.

As many female service members have pointed out, sexual harassment has thrived in the Marine Corps for years, and the revelations that the Marines United Facebook group shared nude photos of female Marines is just a symptom of a larger, systemic issue — one that isn’t new and might not be going anywhere any time soon.

The purpose of this easy-to-read list is to provide you with a reference of those documents that can or cannot be filed on your Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) and that are typically found in active duty enlisted files.

For a more complete listing of authorized documents view AR 600-8-104.

Following a hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Marine Commandant Gen.

Robert Neller signed off on a set of guidelines that expand the definition of sexual harassment to include online activity.

Just like with offline infractions, Marines deemed to violate these new rules could be subject to punishment in a military court.