Joe ran Iditarod many times – even when he was 80 years old.

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Meet the K- 9 Reporters Gypsy, Sanka, Libby, Sled Dog Ed, and I are excited to be the K9 Journalist team for Iditarod! First I need to know what it takes to be a lead dog because that’s my goal. My humans tell me that I have to listen, and practice a lot.

We have each written something about ourselves to help you get to know us better. I have also decided to talk to as many other lead dogs as I can and find out what they do and what kind of training they have had.

My favorite things to do is play with my kennel friends and go on runs.

My hobbies are running, meeting new people, writing, and playing with my friends.

I came to headquarters many times when I was just a little puppy.

Those tourists, young and old alike just love to hold and cuddle the puppies and it helps us get used to being around people.I have 5 brothers named Slate, Granite, Coal, Obsidian (nickname Obi) and Mica.I also have 2 sisters, Opal and Agate (who is now called Aurora). post, see if you can find something similar in her brothers and sisters names and my brothers and sisters names.Zuma and I almost met at Iditarod Headquarters, but I was taking a puppy nap and missed the introductions.The Redington name is pretty special in Iditarod history. founded Iditarod along with Dorothy Page way back in 1973.continues to raise dogs and runs the last great race.