I was especially moved by the forgiveness piece Basha wrote concerning her dad. I recommend this book to all men who truly seek a spiritual connection.I dream about the kind of relationship that Basha and Jeff have as described in the last chapter of the book. Two weeks ago, I read this book and then today was lucky enough to hear one of the authors speak at a bookstore.

Packed with lots of practical information that applies to singles and couples, but the best part is the down to earth advice about looking at relationships in a new way. This book touched me in many ways - my mind, my brain, my heart and my soul.

For instance, I learned that all those times I was so deeply hurt by betrayal, if I had read this book and learned to ask the right questions up front, I would not have entered the relationship, or at least seen the warning signs, in the first place. It provides a unique and innovative way of looking at relationships and discovering what type of relationship you desire.

Much more than a book on dating, this book opens the door to the self, which then provides a lens to see the "right" soul mate.

But there are also many "down to earth" sections, for example, one on interviewing, with detailed questions to ask a potential soul mate.

Gail says it is simply not making themselves approachable enough.

From negative self talk, to being overly identified with the way we appear, many of us listen more to our mental chatter than to the what's going on in the present moment.

I really feel that if every single reads this book and hears Basha and Jeff speak, then dating in this country will become much better and I believe that marriages will become stronger. This book has really changed my perspective in looking for the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.

My recent dating experiences, I now realize, have been superficial at best, looking for the outer qualities rather than the inner beauty I really need to fulfill my needs and desires.

At a deeper level, dating is a chance to meet others when you have identified clearly for yourself what your values are and what is meaningful to you.