What is the minimal required bandwidth I need to watch a channel on M2M TV? If you scroll down you see the list of channels you have ordered. If you really want to end your subscription, Please click on the subscription-button in your personal environment and then click on unsubscribe for the basic package, including all the channels you registered to. In some situations, the cookies we use to secure and authenticate your M2M TV Account and store your preferences may be served from a different domain than the website you're visiting.You need al least 5Mbit to stream a channel from M2M TV. Afther that you will be guided to a screen where you can choose your channels. This may happen, for example, if you want to watch our Web TV on Microsoft browsers.

However we advice to have at least 8-10Mbit to be able to watch a channel and surf the internet. Of course you can watch the latest shows form channels of your choice, bus also choose from a lot of on demand services (stay tuned, on demand is comming), record, set reminders, view the program guide, choose your own channels and a lot more. Would you like to order new channels and already have an account? Some browsers require third party cookies to use the P3P protocol to state their privacy practices.

M2M TV is an online live tv service, you stream channels on all kind of devices when and where you would like. However, the P3P protocol was not designed with situations like these in mind.

M2M TV offers live TV and you stream the channels wherever you want. But more than half of these channels you never even watch. All of the channels available in HD are mentioned here. You can watch M2M TV on your television via the Apple TV 4.

To watch on your television you need a set-top box or an Apple TV 4. We’re letting our TV partners choose for themselves what kind of price they would like to have for their channel. It is easy, just install the Apple TV as defined in the instructions. Than we will send you an e-mail with confirmation and payment options. You do not pay for your new ordered channels directly, but, only in the first month, afterwards.

If you have any questions about our cookies and P3P, please feel free to contact us.

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