The dating app has gained a lot of fame because it gives users access to dozens of profiles.

The app uses GPS location to suggest matches living nearby.

As useful as smartphones may be, certain dangers lurk behind the seemingly-innocent features of some apps.

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On the Internet, you can find many articles listing the best kids’ apps.

We felt a list of the most questionable apps can be just as useful, if not more so. Here’s our list of 10 apps that should not be in kids’ mobile phones.

After that, the image will “self-destruct.” Kids have fallen in love with Snapchat because they can capture almost everything from silly faces to delicious food picks.

The problem is that some may use Snapchat for sexting – taking nude or provocative photos and sending those to others.

Nearly 77% of the teens aged 12 to 17 own a smartphone, a report called Generation Smartphone: A Guide for Parents of Tweens and Teens suggests.

According to the report, 63% of teens say that they use instant messaging and chat apps on a daily basis.

Something kids may not be aware of is that even though the images will self-destruct, there are many ways a phone user can still keep them.

There are numerous options for the restoration of Snapchat pictures and videos.

This functionality, though it may boost self-confidence for some people, could also become associated with cyber-bullying.

Tinder installed on kids’ mobile phones also makes it easy for adults to get in touch with these young individuals.

No waiting around, no account creation needed; just pure fun without any hassles.