during the apartheid era that operated under the authority of Defence Minister General Magnus Malan.The Truth and Reconciliation Committee pronounced the CCB guilty of numerous killings, and suspected more killings.The rest of the board included Joe Verster (managing director), Dawid Fourie (deputy MD), WJ Basson, Theuns Kruger, and Lafras Luitingh. This referred to a front operation (mostly a business) funded by the CCB.

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General Joep Joubert, in his testimony before the TRC, revealed that the CCB was a long-term special forces project in the South African Defence Force. Nominally a civilian organisation that could be plausibly disowned by the apartheid government, the CCB drew its operatives from the SADF itself or the South African Police.

It had evolved from the 'offensive defence' philosophy prevalent in P. According to Joubert, many operatives did not know that they were members of an entity called the CCB.

The CCB operated as a civilian entity, so it had a chairman of the board and a group of 'directors'.

The GOC Special Forces – Major General Joep Joubert (1985–89) followed by Major General Eddie Webb from the beginning of 1989 - was the chairman. Some names were: Micks Mc Cloud (aka: Ausie)and Schalk Van Der Merwe (aka: William Reid, Morise Morris, Reson) Operatives were required to have a 'blue plan'.

Instead, they had evolved from precedents set in the 1960s and 70s by Eschel Rhoodie's Department of Information (see Muldergate Scandal From information given to the TRC by former agents seeking amnesty for crimes committed during the apartheid era, it became clear that there were many other covert operations similar to the CCB, which Nelson Mandela would label the Third Force.

These operations included Wouter Basson's 7 Medical Battalion Group, the Askaris, Witdoeke, Experimental Group Program (also called "Clandestine Cooperation Bureau") and C1/C10 or Vlakplaas.

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15.2 During my term of office as Head of the South African Defence Force and as Minister of Defence instructions to members of the South African Defence Force were clear: destroy the terrorists, their bases and their capabilities. As a professional soldier, I issued orders and later as Minister of Defence I authorised orders which led to the death of innocent civilians in cross-fire.

I sincerely regret the civilian casualties, but unfortunately this is part of the ugly reality of war.

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